gps tracking

security and privatisasi become necessary for each and everyone. and both the things even also each other is contrary. Other side wish privatisasi, but on the other side we have to eliminate privatisasi for security.

It have not to leave for back, and both do not application in everyone. Only at certain ladder of privatisasi not be used by for security element with. For an easy, I will depict days events.

In a company which consist of head ( with a few mount career) and subordinate. Security will produce and informations of intern shall become secret. But subordinate and head non one who always in office, but they even also of sosialitate, or life outside with its laboring wife in company opponent, with its laboring you in other institute. Will become sure dilemma to a company.If company want to bridle employees it will not capable because will influence amenity in working also. Then how to?

according to me, every employees, every room given by security with can access or watch is certain people and only head which is know. For example with gps tracking put it in an object property of company or at employees if that need.

for example is, if both parents work in office, they have a child or even still baby. and them service a baby sitter. In news, there was less baby case kidnaped by sitter baby, or treated without considering. How to know it if both old parents in office. One of its solution is by wearing gps tracking at your baby. at room/ object, also at your sitter baby.

I suggest you to give information of gps tracking to who you will wearing at or you just say that you will watch every thing in this house, but not to watch it..only know where you are.