Europe is containing countries which give you special attractive, especially for whom want to refreshing. France for example. France Attractions not only Eifell Tower, and Paris as Mode City. There are much another city in France that will give you beatiful refreshing likes Haute coutere (related with Mode), Museum, Coast City, And heritage vilage, and many more.

This are some beatiful city in France:
1.Alsace, It is the smallest region in France, and lies between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine.
2.Aquitaine, It reaches Spain at its southern frontier, and the Atlantic Ocean runs along the western edge of the region.
3.The Auvergne, It is largely an isolated region of mountains, and dramatically rugged countryside and rocky gorges.
4.Nice, It is located between Marseille and Genoa. Famous with beauiful beach, Cote Dalam’Azur and beatiful heritage sites.
5.The Centre region containing one of the most popular regions of France for visitors - the Loire Valley. It is here that many of the most famous chateaux of France are to be found.
6.Corsica is an island off the south-east of France, with perfect coastlines and a dramatically mountainous interior. Corsica has 1,000km of coastline and more than 200 beaches - reputedly the best beaches to be found anywhere on the Mediterranean.
and many more.

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