Australia as Indonesia neighbouring state become one of the place which is often visited by Indonesia citizen, good to having the day off, expense, also as place to learn/school. To be able to pay a visit or even remain to in Australian is not too difficult, like my friend said.

Beauty of Australia, and every thing in all day long in very attractive Australia and for who will even also paying a visit and or remain to there will forbear staying and get experience which is incredible in they life.

Australia has many interesting place and city like Sydney,Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and many more.And there are some unique animals like kangoroo, dolphins and whales.

For Indonesia citizen, Australia propose college and good education also lanscape and view of this country. wonder that the necessity of the apartment in here is so high. Also in five city was i said before you can see in Sydney hotels, Melbourne hotels, Brisbane hotels, Perth hotels, you will now hotels and accommodation in this country.