Pot Racks

Still newly realize there is named pot racks.Ii wish I know a long day ago. .i'll be borrow it. Yes, at home there is pot rack/rack hang also, rack for the place of wet saucer of kept by above wash. In the reality there is manufacturer like enclume pot racks.

Wanna know pot racks in my house. Actually its not pure hand made,and it's not manufacturer also like enclume pot rack. It just ordinary rack and put it above wastafel. Huahahha...vote enclume pot racks for this. Why..why..now i know it...sudahlah!

Enclume pot racks propose a lot model, depended place, location, and usefullness. You can see one of them in picture in this post. Hmm it more and more, you can find it, and creative with this.