dreaming to Hawaii(?)

Reputedly strength of that conscious nature truely correct, because with strength of subconscious nature of or ordinary of us recognize with dream, ownself doctrine which later insyaallah can reach.

I will not study about how dream is. But one of the my dream. After playing at adventures city big game, I always remember to of country way out. I dream want to go to wonderful place like Hawai...hmmm Beach,beach, beach...hahahha I like beach very much.

Always remember some town of Amrik, Venesia, and Hawai. its Hawai more interesting. Remember it's my dream, please don't surprise and protest. Looking in gugel, i found 3 place in Hawai with wonderful place, and landscape: Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai.

I hope someday, it will be happen.


KHOLIX said…
ke bali saja tuh ma pepeng..daripada jauh2 ke hawai..."siapin tameng"