having credits card

There is one more life style, that is have credits card. Having credits cards have some functionality and weaknes, depend yours.

Advantage having credits card :
- If you have in emergency condition likes your family have serious illness, your wife pregnant, include education expense. If you doesn’t have mony at that time, credit card it is solution.
- If you wanna have some furniture or electronic, you can have it easly if you have credit card.

But, i suggest you to deep thinking to apply for credit card. There are many advantage but also big risk…but it depend on your self. If you can manage your money..that’s okey to have it.


puput said…
yeah yeah, spend money wisely

:) good suggestion sister
Hihihi, pas banget. Saya baru aja diapprove CCnya. Tinggal nunggu dateng. **nyiapin daftar belanjaan**