Prepare Your Baby’s Needs

This is not about me, okay *must someone surprised about this title..hehehe*. This entry just wanna share about information for you especially for a new mom, or who will get a new baby born. Yeah..for you my friends *Amel, Beta, and else*

You must prepare some babies needs from far away. Some of you will have looking about babies information, you can go to some baby’s store. And I’ll guarantee you must be lose your weight *hehehhe*..i’ll call it “Cuape deehh”. There is good news for you, new mom. There is shop wiki. Especially for you working mom, and you have internet in your office. Or you can read parent guide magazine. But shop wiki, I think it’s more cheap. Just one click and u’ll get a lot information.

I’ll tell you what you must prepare for you new baby, or your child:
1. Bags and carriers,
2. Car seats,
3. Strollers,
4. Travel and outdoor fun,

5. Nursing, feeding, and high chairs,
6. Health and hygiene,
7. Infant and toddler clothing,
8. Activity sets and play yards,
9. Bedding and linens,
10. Babyproofing and home safety,
11. Nursery furniture,

12. Toys,
13. Books, hey in there you can some great books *for all age I think*
14. Music,

15. Infant(boys& girls),
16. Toddler (boys & girls),
17. Girls clothing,
18. Boys clothing,

See, you will have a lot information about all that item in there. Have fun, and enjoy it. I hope it will usefull for you. And Love for your baby okay!.